About CASPIAN University

Caspian University is a multidisciplinary university and is positioned on the market of educational services as a university providing quality, continuing education under the programs of pre-secondary education (college), bachelor and Magistracy (University). Caspian University provides training in 18 specialties of bachelor’s degree, 6 specialties of Magistracy, 2 specialities of doctoral PhD.

Caspian Universities has professionalism as one of the core values and adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards. The university capitalises on Innovation as a source of new knowledge generation and learning technology. Being the owners of the national quality mark “Flawless”, Caspian University today is the guarantor of quality education, striving to meet high standards of international level.

About CISM

Medical Education is in demand today and will be further demanded in the field of interdisciplinary research and healthcare. The sole purpose of providing medical education today is to increase the number of doctors in patient’s services and medical research and overcome this shortage in various parts of the world with quality training.

This need has led Caspian University to ascertain Caspian International School of Medicine under the University Umbrella. The medical school will encompass state of the art lecture halls, and modern learning facilities. The college will house multiple medical faculty departments along with well-equipped laboratories and training centres.

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Training of highly qualified medical professionals, competitive and in demand in the world community.


A research international medical school that trains healthcare professionals through the integration of education, science and clinics, dynamically developing and responsive to the needs and expectations of society


The University offers an outstanding and comprehensive array of academic programs. These include undergraduate schools, graduate and professional schools, arenowned medical centre, state of the art libraries, and research centres and institutes. Academic calendar: 2020-2021, 2021-2022.
Strategic devlopment plan of Caspian International School of Medicine for 2021-2026 years: link

Educational Program 6B10128 "General medicine"

Mission of the Program: a preparation of comprehensively developed competitive bachelor of health care with high social responsibility, capable of highly qualified professional activity and learning throughout the life, while meeting the needs and expectations of community.


Our learned faculties oversee teaching, academic development and research in our departments and schools while developing strong partnerships with medical industry.


  • 1. Information and communication technologies
  • 2. Kazakh language
  • 3. Russian language
  • 4. Foreign language
  • 5. Physical education
  • 6. Latin language
  • 7. Culturology
  • 8. Political science
  • 9. Sociology
  • 10. Psychology
  • 11. Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • 12. Philosophy
  • 13. Communication Skills and Behavior
  • 14. Anantomy
  • 15. Physiology
  • 16. Chemistry
  • 17. Biology
  • 18. Biochemistry
  • 19. Histology
  • 20. Public health
  • 21. Pharmacology
  • 22. Microbiology
  • 23. Pathological anatomy
  • 24. Pathological physiology
  • 25. Phylosophy
  • 26. Academic culture
  • 27. Introduction to the profession
  • 28. Legal basis of business


  • 1. Visual diagnostics and radiology
  • 2. Emergency medical care
  • 3. Clinical pharmacology
  • 4. Infectious diseases
  • 5. Dermatovenerology
  • 6. Phthisiology
  • 7. Forensic medicine
  • 8. Anesthesiology and intensive care
  • 9. Fundamentals of scientific research
  • 10. Surgical diseases
  • 11. Maxilofacial surgery
  • 12. Pediatric surgery
  • 13. Opthalmology
  • 14. Otorhinolaryngology
  • 15. Urology
  • 16. Traumatology and orthopedics
  • 17. Clinical anatomy of internal organs
  • 18. Cardiology
  • 19. Gastroenterology
  • 20. Endocrinology
  • 21. Pulmonology
  • 22. Obstetrics
  • 23. Pediatrics
  • 24. Oncology
  • 25. Oncogynecology
  • 26. Psychiatry and narcology
  • 27. Gynecology


Myrzakhmatova Botakoz

Teacher of Biochemistry,
phD, associated professor

Rafail Kipshakbaev

PhD, Asssociate professor,
teacher of Evidence based medicine,
biostatistics, fundamentals of
scientific research

Dinara Kenessary

PhD, Associate professor,
Teacher of epidemiology,
general hygiene

Altyn M. Aringazina

Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Sc.D, Ph.D., M.D., Professor
WHO Consultant
Member of the IUHPE European Committee
Teacher of Public Health

Aisina Gyulnaz Haphizovna

Teacher of Academic Culture

Academic Documents

1. Academic Calendar 2021-2022

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Eligibility Criteria
  • Student Should fulfill the eligibility by their country govt. policies for studies MBBS abroad
  • English language- medium
  • Total grant 50% and above
  • Mandatory subjects- biology, chemistry, physics
  • For the rest of the countries – entry requirements in accordance with the rules of medical council of the concerned country
Admission Process
Step 1
  • Application for enrollment
  • Questionnaire
  • Marksheet (copies)
  • Passport
  • Photo
Step 2
  • On-line interview
  • In case of successful completing step 1 and 2 then the student receives the Official invitation from University
Step 3
  • Original documents (marksheet, passport)
  • Medical check-up list
  • Tuition payment receipt
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Ismailov Zhumagali Kazybaevich

Director of CISM.
Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Chyngyshpaeva Yulia, PhD

Vice Director for Strategic Development and International Affairs

Email: chyngyshpaeva.yulia@cu.edu.kz


Rupal Najhawan

Managing Director

Email: najhawan.rupal@cu.edu.kz


Zholdybayeva Aisulu

Vice director for academic and scientific affairs



Nurelbaeva Alfiya

Head of the Student Affairs Department

Ivannikov Mikhail

IT specialist

Omarova Aliya Abayevna

Office registration

Erkebay Rayhan Amangeldiyevna

Head of academic department

Omirzak Aivar Arsenuly

Students' affairs department

Rakhmanova Ainur

Students' affairs department
Our Hospitals

Multi-Specialty Hospital of Almaty

Affiliated University's Hospital
Multi-Specialty Hospital of Almaty with it's Robust Infrastructure and World Class Treatment. Photo.

Clinical bases

To Conduct the Practical Studies for the Students.

Almaty Cancer Center
Medical center "Optalmo-Medical"
"Mental Health Center", Almaty
"Almaty regional multidisciplinary clinic" UZ of Almaty region
"Almaty regional skin and venereological dispensary"
"Ili Central District Hospital"
"Almaty Regional Children's Clinical Hospital"
Medical Clinic of MVSM "Vedanta", Bishkek
CKS Hospital “Multispecialty hospital”, Jaipur, India)
IBS Hospital ( for Brain Tumour Surgery & Spine Surgery), New Delhi India

Student Medical Center

Students’ Primary Medical Care and Diagnostics. Photo.

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Psychological support

Students who are feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed please reach out to our councilor for psychological support Ms. Aisina Gyulnaz Haphizovna cism-edu.kz@mail.ru, +7 777 113 8612