High–tech medical care or high-tech medical services are services involving the use of unique innovative and resource-intensive technologies. Their necessity is due to the fact that standard therapy is often powerless against complex diseases. In such cases, they turn to the latest methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Thus, the Almaty Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital increased the volume of medical services provided for 2023, and before the implementation of the state private partnership project, the clinic performed only 2 types of HTMS.

“In 2022, we provided medical services in 12 areas in the field of Cardiology, neurosurgery and traumatology. Today we have increased the volume of high-tech medical services provided by 27 units. By the way, in 2022, the Department of cardiology provided 2 types of HTMS, today we added a department of cardiac surgery and expanded our capabilities to 11 types of services, such as open valvuloplasty of the aortic valve without replacement, open valvuloplasty of the mitral valve without replacement, annuloplasty, excision of the heart aneurysm, resection of the aorta with anastomosis, endovascular replacement of the aortic valve and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Also, we have added operations for urethrocystoneostomy according to the modified Politano-Letbetter method with an additional antireflux mechanism according to Blokhin, microsurgical invagination vasoepididimostomy for obstructive azoospermia, implantation of an electromagnetic hearing aid and the use of an external fixing device on the pelvic bones that require step-by-step correction,” shared Director General of the Almaty Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital Zhumagali Ismailov.

It is important to note that the types of high-tech medical care are determined by criteria. According to the order, each of the criteria is assigned a weighting factor, scale, value and points. The list of types of high-tech medical care includes technologies that have scored 7 – 10 points. All technologies of the Almaty Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital scored from 8 to 10 points.