On 20/05/2023 Caspian International School of Medicine carried out the International Student and Scientific and Practical conference “Preventive Clinical Medi0cine 2023”with the participation of young scientists, students of the Caspian International School of Medicine, the Kazakh-Russian Medical University, as well as the Asian Medical Institute, engaged in the research of scientific problems of modern medicine.


The purpose of the conference is to develop the research potential of the younger generation.


At the end of the conference, participants were given a certificate of participation, as well as the best speakers of the conference were identified and awarded with memorable gifts.


The 3 best reports have been determined:


  1. Makcytova Gulnazik

With the topic of the report “Adaptation of foreign students since their stay in Kyrgyzstan” student of the Asian Medical Institute Tentisheva.


  1. Maryam Iqbal, Amna Ismail, Hamail Ikram with the report of the “Researching of lung cancer” student of the Kazakh-Russian Medical University.


  1. Kapil Mudkhedkar, PriyankaYadav, Kritikhan delwal, Prathamesh jagput, Sumedh Khartade with the report “AIDS” students of the Caspian School of Medicine.


Based on the results of the expert evaluation of the submitted articles, a collection of the conference was published, which was published in electronic format.


Summing up, it can be noted that this conference was aimed at discussing the trends in the use of the latest developments and innovative systems in medicine for diagnosis, as well as prevention and treatment of diseases using modern technologies. Such events develop students’ level of interest, broaden their horizons and the level of knowledge in the subjects studied, as well as the ability to correctly assess life situations, lead to the formation of positive qualities in students, a responsible attitude towards themselves and others.