A high-tech and hybrid operation for implantation of a stent graft into the thoracic aorta was performed for the first time on the basis of the Almaty Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital.

The operation was performed on a patient born in 1953 who was admitted to the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the AMCH with a diagnosis of atherosclerosis, aneurysm of the descending thoracic aorta and coronary heart disease.

Cardiosurgeon and director of the AMCB cardiocenter Sergey Musaev conducted a complete diagnosis of the patient and together with colleagues decided to conduct a stent graft into the thoracic aorta. Such treatment is used when surgical intervention cannot be applied to the patient for one reason or another. Such an operation is being carried out for the first time in the Almaty region.

By the way, a stent graft is a woven polyester tube covered with a metal frame. It is installed in the aneurysm without surgical impact on the surrounding tissues of the affected vessel. A stent graft is used to strengthen a weakened vascular wall, preventing aneurysm rupture.

“An increase in the thoracic aorta from the norm usually indicates an aneurysm. Most thoracic aortic aneurysms do not cause symptoms, although some patients experience chest or back pain; other symptoms and signs are usually the result of complications, such as dissection, compression of adjacent structures, thromboembolism and rupture. In this case, we made a diagnosis using CT angiography and installed a stent graft,” says Sergey Musaev.

Years earlier, such operations were performed by an open method, and they were considered traumatic for the patient. In addition, there was a high risk of postoperative complications. The recovery of these patients was long.